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Welcome to the Hygeia House
Block Island Bed and Breakfast

a unique Block Island lodging experience

Abandoned and neglected for nearly 30 years, the Hygeia House was almost condemned by the town when it was purchased and fully renovated by Lisa and Champlin Starr in 1998. The house originally belonged to John C. Champlin, Champs’s great grandfather, and the island’s only physician. Dr. Champlin named the building after a Greek Goddess of health, Hygeia. For the last 15 years, its Hygeia House rainbowunique charm, history and island style have provided a safe and unpretentious haven for thousands of visitors, families, artists and writers. Since 2004, the Hygeia has been home to the Block Island Poetry Project, founded by Lisa, the innkeeper, who is also Rhode Island Poet Laureate Emeritus. The BIPP and the Hygeia have attracted and hosted renowned writers and musicians from around the world, including Mary Oliver, Frank McCourt, Billy Collins, Naomi Shihab Nye, Marie Howe, Li-Young Lee, Coleman Barks, Gordon Bok and David Darling. In November, 2014 Coldplay’s Chris Martin performed a private concert in the Hygeia living room, for Lisa, her kids, and a few friends. Most things that are truly sacred cannot be said with words, but Coleman Barks comes close:

“The Hygeia House is the throbbing heart for much that is deeply alive on this island. The Hygeia has had several identities during its hundred-plus years: hospital, morgue, a home, an inn, a dancehall, a magician’s hat, a changing room. It is a many-storied wonderment— the product of much toil and ingenuity, and of living and working hard, and truly. I know a little bit about the Lisa Starr part of that.”

All things evolve, in their own time, whether we like it or not, and ownership of the Hygeia House changed hands in July, 2014. Join Lisa, and her extended family of friends, writers, musicians, and other ordinary decent folks like you for one last happy season in the glorious yellow house on the hill where the lilies bloom. 2015, sadly, is “The Last Waltz” for Lisa and The Hygeia House in this part of its evolution. Please, come join the dance.

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